domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

ZUMTOBEL DISCUS Spotlight System

“The basic structure of the spotlight consists of a solar disc which is reminiscent of the ancient symbol for the sun complete with a magically lit recessed circular ring. Symbolic form and high technology coalesce into a single unit which uses as few materials as possible and therefore has the smallest possible ecological footprint. This simple design is consistent with closed-loop recycling scenarios. The replaceable optic extends the product‘s service life by making it flexibly adaptable to cope with new lighting tasks. Ancient symbolism and sustainable technologies provide an area of conflicting tensions from which future innovations are born.”

EOOS | 2012

State-of-the-art light sources inspire new peaks of performanceIts delicate but robust design is creatively inspired by cutting-edge LED technology: a flat, minimalist shape with an unmistakable appearance – characterised by the radial fins of the passive heatsink and its illuminated replaceable optic. It fulfils the exacting demands made on sales-promoting accent lighting with dependable accuracy and extremely good colour rendering (Ra 92). The new DISCUS LED-generation Evolution achieves double the luminous flux and efficiency of its predecessor. The luminaire is dimmed on the actual spotlight itself or by DALI control commands, both these methods have a positive impact on energy consumption.

DISCUS LED Evolution

True to the tradition of the patented DISCUS design idiom, the new LED generation is an efficient power package. Delivering up to 2,300 lm of light, DISCUS Evolution LED is a replacement for HIT systems up to 42 W and halogen systems up to 100 W – and saves energy into the bargain. The Evolution series consumes up to 25% less energy than HIT and 68% less than halogen lamps. Investing in a DISCUS LED spotlight pays for itself within no more than 2.5 years.

To ensure differentiated lighting and additional energy savings, the LED spotlight is dimmed directly on the luminaire or by DALI. Flexibly replaceable lens optics make DISCUS Evolution LED a particularly interesting proposition for shops and museums.