sábado, 16 de abril de 2011


There is little question that lighting has a direct impact on energy consumption. There is also little argument that lighting fundamentally changes a space. Lighting is elemental to how we live and the spaces we occupy everyday. The rules of the game and the expectations for what light does are changing rapidly. By now everyone has heard that the future of lighting will be the LED and most educated consumers understand that the end is near for the incandescent light bulb. The lighting industry, specifically those who build light bulbs and fixtures are seizing the opportunity to bring new products to market. The news media and politicians are there to spread misinformation about the future of lighting. 
What's missing from the conversation is a mediator. Someone who can stand between the claims of product manufacturers, the limited information provided by the news media, politicians and the big box stores to provide lighting advice. Not everyone can afford the services of a lighting designer, and I understand that. But where is our voice in the public sphere to help educate the public about an industry that is so rapidly changing? The only lighting designer that is ever quoted on say, the incandescent phase-out, is Howard Brandston who is opposed to it and helping fight for the law's repeal. 
Where are the designers who want to help the general public not only understand the regulations, but simply understand the importance of good lighting in their daily lives? This is a moment the lighting design community should be seizing as a voice for the future of industry, speaking directly to the public. This is the only way we can make our influence known felt, and more over, the only way we can hope to inspire good lighting, not just for the tiny sliver of clients we can service, but also for the broader public. 
If you a lighting designer who blogs regularly, post your link in the comment section below and I'll do my best to spread your content. I want to see a vibrant public discussion of lighting from designers all over the globe. Let's make the world a little be better by helping share ways to create beautiful, sustainable lighting.

Posted by James Bedell at http://jamesbedell.com/the-muted-voice-of-lighting-designers